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Details and Examples

Over the years some Bidders have undergone slight names changes due to the formation of an LLC, Partnership, Trust, Corporation, Company, etc. For example, in year 1992 results listed the Bidder "Hanson & Strahn Energy Land", years later we see "Hanson & Strahn Inc". In cases like this, Bidder List recognizes these as the same entity and did not add an additional bidder to the list. The Bidder List was amended to reflect the new name.

The lease sale results furnished by the BLM Wyoming State Office includes the winning bidder's name along with their address. uses the address to help identify "new" Bidders. For example in year 1993 bidder "White, Lonney H. Jr" was a winning bidder and an address of Box 21495, Billings, MT was listed. Subsequent sale results listed the bidder "White Energy Corp" at that same address. Bidder List recognized these as the same same entity and did not add an additional bidder to the list but amended the "White, Lonney H. Jr" bidder to "White Energy Corp".

Bidders which are obvious subsidiaries or closely connected entities may be listed only once. An example of this is the bidder "Brown, Maurice W." of 614 S Greeley Hwy, Cheyenne, WY. All parcels won by the bidder "Brown, Bonnie J." of 614 S Greeley Hwy have been included in Bidder List as bidder "Brown, Maurice W.".