Help - State Bidders List

Bidders List

Minor changes to punctuation and/or abbreviations have been made to the name of the Winning Bidder as originally listed in the auction results data issued by the State when it is obvious the same Winning Bidder is being referenced.

Note that the bidder contained in this database is the original bidder that is listed by the State in the results immediately following a sale auction. Any subsequent reassignment information is beyond the scope of this website.

Multiple Bidders

The State allows for more than one lessee having an interest in a single lease. If there are more than one Bidder (i.e. lessee) in a lease this database records up to two bidders for one lease. Both bidders will be displayed when the parcel description is viewed. However in the results table only the first bidder is shown but an asterisk will appear before the first bidder to indicate a second bidder exists.