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Federal Search Form Parameters

Use the 'number input fields' and operators above to create your custom search query for specific Sections, Townships, Ranges, Bid Amounts, Total Bonuses, and/or Acres.

The use of the 'number input fields' is optional. For example leaving both the Section input fields blank will result in a search of sections 1 - 36. If you are using these fields to screen your results it may be necessary to only input a value in the first column. For example if you wanted to limit your search to parcels with a winning bid of $2/acre simply enter the number 2 in the first column for Bid Amount and set the operator to '='.

County & Bidders

Counties & Bidders

Limit your search by County and Bidder

Selecting Multiple Counties or Bidders

Sale Dates

Lease Sale Dates

Use these settings to identify which Lease Sale Dates to search.

First choose one of three options by clicking on the Radio Button:

Non-subscribers will not be able to access all the sale dates.

Sort Order

Sort Options

These settings allow you to customize your Results Format