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WyomingLeases.com is a searchable database of competitive Federal and State Oil & Gas Leases. View/Search parcel listings, sale results and statistics. Access to the current sale is always free to everyone. Subscribe to access historical data (begins in year 1992 for Federal sales and year 2000 for State).

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WyomingLeases.com is a searchable database of competitive Federal and State Oil & Gas Leases. Parcel listings for upcoming lease sale auctions, past listings/results, and auction statistics can be quickly and easily retrieved.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) currently holds quarterly lease auctions for federal oil & gas leases. Federal leases have a primary term of 10 years and a royalty rate of 18.75%. The Wyoming Office of State Lands & Investments currently holds auctions three times a year (March, July, and November) for state oil & gas leases. State leases have a primary term of 5 years and a royalty rate of either 16 2/3% (1/6th) or 12.5% (1/8th). Both the Federal and State lease sale auctions are now internet-based using the site EnergyNet.com

  • Instantly search 28 years of Federal sale's history (February, 1992 to June 29, 2022 sale)
  • Instantly search 21 years of State sale's history (April, 2000 to July 6, 2022 sale)
  • 31,500+ Federal parcels and 1,270+ Federal bidders in the database
  • 14,700 State parcels and 725+ State bidders in the database
  • Quickly research leasing history in your area-of-interest using our powerful custom search form
  • View the winning bidders and bid amounts in your area-of-interest (table view and graph)
  • Identify price trends and areas of high (and low) activity
  • Bid with more confidence, become a smarter, better-informed bidder
  • View overall sale statistics for an individual sale, including summary by winning bidders and by county
  • Custom ability to sort and group your results
  • Graph feature allows quick analysis of your search results
  • WyomingLeases.com is updated in a timely manner after each sale
  • Help links available throughout the site
  • Subscribe for unlimited access to the entire federal and state database
  • Search by individual or multiple sale auctions
Federal State
Current Sale June 29, 2022 July 6, 2022
Upcoming Sale(s) June, 2022 Jul and Nov 2022
Historical 152 Sales (begins Feb, '92) 65 Sales (begins Apr, '00)
Parcels 31,500+ 14,700
Bidders 1,270+ 725+
Primary Term 10 years 5 years
Royalty Rate 18.75% 16 2/3% (1/6th) or 12.5% (1/8th)
About The Search Form Page
The Search Form page provides you with a flexible and easy-to-use form to define your custom search query.

Search your area-of-interest by:
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1272 Bidders (Federal)
153 Fed Sales
746 Bidders (State)
69 St Sales

The Results of your Search are displayed in a table which can be sorted on any column (ascending or descending). The sorted column is highlighted in gray.

Parcel Description
Parcel Description

For completed sales, a graph of Bid Bonus ($/ac) will be display graphically following the results tables. Bid amounts are automatically sorted in descending order.

About the Sale's Statistics Page
The Sale's Statistics page provides basic statistics for an individual sale. For upcoming sales, a table lists the number of parcels being offered and deleted, along with corresponding acreage totals. For completed sales a table lists the number of parcels sold, those receiving no bids, and those deleted, along with corresponding acreage totals.

For completed auctions, the total sale bonus, total acres sold, and average bid is shown. The the overall high bid amount and highest bonus paid are shown (clicking the parcel number link displays parcel details).
Stats Page
Bids Graph
A graph displays winning bid bonus ($/acre) sorted in descending order.

The top ten highest bids ($/acre) and top ten highest bonus amounts are displayed in tables. Clicking on the parcel number will display detailed parcel information.

The Winning Bidder Summary table lists all successful bidders for that sale. Shown for each bidder is the number of parcels won, total bonus, total acres, and average bid. This table can be sorted on any column. Clicking on the Bidder Name link will display a table with individual parcels for that bidder.

The Summary by County table lists all counties with parcels offered for that sale. Clicking on the County Name link will display a table with individual parcels for that county. This table can be sorted on any column.

About the Parcel Description Page

The Parcel Description page shows the parcel's land description as listed in the lease sale notice: Township, Range, Section and land description, Acres, and County.

Sale results are also shown: Winning Bidder, Bid Amount, Total Bonus, and Serial/Lease Number.

For State sales, parcels with a 12.5% royalty rate are noted (otherwise the royalty rate is 16 2/3% (1/6th)) and a link to the stipulation covering the parcel is included.

Parcel Description

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